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Should You Get a Pet if You Are Renting?

Monday, 12 March 2018 18:37

Have you been thinking about getting a dog or cat? You can play with them, cuddle with them, and take cute pictures with them! But wait your first question needs to be am I allowed to have a pet where I rent? Always contact your property management company before looking at a shelter or pet store. Once you get the okay it’s time to decide for yourself if this is something you should do. Here are a couple quick pros and cons to get your thought process started!


1.      Company- if you live alone or if your roommate is gone a lot a pet would be a source of companionship when you are home alone.

2.      Security- A pet, especially a dog, would be good security for your property. If someone were to stop by the house while you were away the dog could bark and scare them away.


1.      Additional costs- Your property management company will ask you to pay either a pet deposit or pet rent on behalf of the pet. And of course you will have to pay for vet visits, food, toys, and housing for your new furry friend.

2.      Potential damage- The reason you’ll have to pay a deposit or additional rent is because there is a higher change for damage to the property. Especially with puppies there are bound to be accidents and chewed furniture. Training early on can help prevent some of these possibilities but it can’t stop ever accident!


So should you get a pet? Ultimately the decision is up to you! If your property owner allows you to have pets and you have the time and money to devote to a furry friend then it could be a great addition to your life! Just make sure you think through the pros and cons before making a decision.