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1. Peace of mind

           By using Rent-A-Home's services you don't have to worry about a thing! We handle the tenants at your rental property from start to finish. We answer questions that potential clients have about the property. We also have an in-house applications specialist who processes every application that comes to our office. We do a thorough credit, criminal, and background check. When we are done we contact you directly to present our findings and you have the final say!

2. No hassle

           Have you tried to manage your rental property yourself and found it was a headache? Leave the stress to us! When you use our management services we make the leases, handle the collection of rent, and handle all maintenance requests the tenants put in. We have trusted vendors who we know when get maintenance issues handled quickly and efficiently.  

3. Affordable

           For our management program we charge 50% of the first month's rent and then 10% thereafter. By leaving the management to us that saves you time. No calling vendors trying to find the best prices or running down tenants to find out when they will pay rent. And since we complete a background check and the property owner has the final say on who is approved for the property you are able to feel confident you know the details of who is living at your property!

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Monday, 05 March 2018 18:35

Employee Spotlight

Griffin Person


Reconciliation Manager:

I am responsible for reconciling all of the Move-Out Security Deposits and coordinating any needed repairs.

I also handle Tenant and Owner Repair/Maintenance Requests which includes taking all calls, contacting vendors for quotes and arranging for the work to be performed when the Office Manager is unavailable.

Favorite Food or Restaurant

I can't think of just one! Austin's, Captain Bills, Dairi-O, Monterey, Positano's and Sarah's Kabob Shop to name a few!

Dream Vacation or Favorite Get-A-Way Spot

A family vacation to anywhere or a golf vacation!

Fun Fact

I am an avid golfer with four hole-in-ones! Two of them were made only three months apart. Love me some golf, golf and more golf!!

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Tuesday, 09 May 2017 17:15

Maximize your Tiny Space

Tip #1: Keep It Clutter Free
There are few things that can make a small space feel more claustrophobic than clutter, knick-knacks and junk. Remember, you’re already dealing with a limited amount of room, so the more items taking up that room the more visually tiny it will seem. Purge unnecessary items often, and find innovative ways to display favored items. If in doubt, put it away — think clean!

Tip #2: Go Vertical… Often
When you’re in a one or two bedroom apartment, you often have the luxury of additional closets and more room to spread out. When you’re renting a studio apartment, it’s time to think vertical rather than horizontal. Try multiple wall shelving units, hanging kitchen items from the ceiling and wall-mounted hanging racks for clothing. Not only will it add visual appeal, it will also keep your floor clutter-free and spacious-looking.

Tip #3: Think About Room Dividers
It might seem counterproductive to divide a small space, but setting up separate “living zones” can give the feel of a much bigger apartment. Try using shelving to create a visual wall between your bed and living room area. Alternatively, a folding screen can give you the ability to change up your space at will, allowing you to try new space options as often as you want.

Tip #4: Look for Double-Duty Furniture
Drawers under the bed? Tables with extra storage space? Thanks to innovative furniture design, small spaces are becoming infinitely more liveable. Try looking into sofa beds that can allow you to easily convert your bedroom to a living room for visitors, or even stacking tables that can double up as chairs. The more clever you are with your furniture, the more you’ll be able to get out of your home.

Tip #5: Keep Colors Lighter
Ever hear that wearing the color black is slimming? The same goes for dark colors and rooms. Darker colors and paints tend to absorb light and make rooms look smaller, whereas lighter colors create an illusion of a bigger, more inviting room. Aim for off-whites, or even very light shades of color in both your wall coverings and fabrics for maximum effect.

Though studio apartments have their plus points, it’s easy to be put off by the idea of not having enough space. However, by using these tips and tricks, you’ll be enjoying your cozy new apartment in no time. What are your tips for studio living?

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Happy Renting!


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Monday, 08 May 2017 17:03

How to Plan for Moving Costs

You know you need to pay a deposit, first months rent, and movers. But have you thought about everything you will need to cover during a big move? Check out this list from


Pet Fees

Some pet-friendly apartments let your pooch live with you for free, while others will charge a one-time pet fee or a monthly pet rent. It’s not usually too expensive, but it’s a good idea to ask your potential landlord about this before you sign your lease– not after.

Many pet-less people don’t check into this for obvious reasons, but if you think you’d like to get a pet at some point, it’s a good idea to ask about it anyway. You’ll be glad you did on the day when you can’t resist that adorable kitten while you’re out window shopping at the local adoption center. (Trust me, I’ve been there.)

Packing Supplies

Diligently swinging by local warehouses in search of free boxes is a good way to reduce this cost, but you’re still going to need to purchase packing supplies like tape, foam peanuts, and furniture sliders. Make sure you do this early– nothing is worse than waiting until the last second and haphazardly shoving your stuff into whatever containers you can find.

Gas or Airfare

Don’t forget it costs money to get from point A to point B, even if you’re just heading down the block. If you rented a moving van, you’ll be responsible for filling it back up the gas, and if you hired movers, you’ll have to transport yourself to your new place. These costs only go up if you need to fly to your new home.


When you sign up for new utilities, there is usually some sort of deposit. This varies based on how much is included in your rent– in some cases, water and heat will already be turned on, as the building pays for it. Deposits are inexpensive, but they add up– so make sure you understand what you’ll be responsible for before move-in day!

Cable and Internet

Some of the most pressing moving costs are cable and Internet. (You have to get your Netflix fix somehow, right?) It’s similar to utilities in the sense that it usually requires a one-time deposit plus your first month’s fees, and like your utilities, it’s a good idea to schedule their installation before you move. Living without the Internet for a week may be a first-world problem, but it’s a big one.

Insurance Changes

Depending on where you’ve moved, you may find that your renters or automotive insurance has risen. Fear not– it’s usually not by much. Still, you’ll need to update your insurance company with your new address, so be prepared to pay a little more in moving costs!

If you’re relocating for a job, be sure to take note of how much your moving costs total, as they’re tax deductible (woohoo!), and be sure you pack plenty of snacks. I don’t know about you, but I get pretty hungry when I’m attempting to lift sofas.


Check out all of our available properties at!  If you are a Property Owner looking for a Property Management company in the Triad, please contact us today at (336)272-0767 or visit our website to find out more details, .

Happy Renting!

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Wednesday, 03 May 2017 16:22

How to Repurpose Old Windows

Did you find an adorable old window at an antique shop? Or have one leftover from remodeling? Check out these hacks for redoing all windows. full article:

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Happy Renting!

Depending on what type of windows you are using, you have several repurpose options. Some people like to use windows for decorative purposes, but they also have plenty of options for functional repurposing!

  • Build a Room Divider: If you have several windows, they can easily be screwed or chained together to achieve your desired height. Add some heavy duty hooks to your ceiling to hang the windows and you’re set! Keep the glass, stain it if you wish; or remove the glass if it is better for your needs.
  • Make a Collage Photo Frame: Prepare the frame as you’d like with your choice of paint or finish and add brackets so that the window pane can be hung on the wall. Cut pictures to fit into the individual panes and you’ve successfully turned an old window into a collage photo frame.
  • Make a Chalkboard: Paint the frame and prepare the window to hang! Just add a few coats of chalkboard paint and the panes of glass can be used to make a wall chart or calendar – or whatever you might need for your decor!
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Monday, 01 May 2017 15:15

Should You Pay for Movers?

Moving is expensive, but is it worth it to pay for movers? These are the three types of moves and what to consider for each! Full article:


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1. DIY Move

Traditionalists (not to mention the ultra frugal) are attracted to this one. DIY movers research truck rental options, choose one, and then do everything– from packing to loading and unloading the truck.

Usually, they do the driving, unless they opt for portable storage units or freight trucks (in which case your stuff shares space with other people’s stuff and, don’t worry, doesn’t get cooties). Depending on the size of the truck you need and the distance you have to travel, a rental could run between a few hundred to a couple thousand dollars.

For this move, smart people recruit naïve, kind family and friends, who are willing to put in a few hours of hard labor in exchange for pizza and beer.  

Cost Level: $

Other than refreshments, some toilet paper for your loved ones, who are pitching in, and the price of the rental truck (and gas for it), you have no other costs. By far, this is the cheapest option.

Pros: Duh! You are saving a lot of money.

Cons: You will be doing a lot of back-breaking labor, you might not have family and friends left after you punish them with this exercise, and you could run up costs, especially if you’re not used to maneuvering a big truck and take more time with the rental than estimated.   

2. The Full-Service Move

This is a breeze. You call up reputable, full-service moving companies, have them come to your home to give you an estimate (although this part could take up to a week, which let’s be honest, Millennials like us don’t have time for), and you pick the one you like best.

Then, they do all the work while you sip mojitos and decide how to arrange the furniture in the new place. If you have a flat-screen TV, that’s going to be your responsibility to pack and you’ll have to gather up essentials that you’ll need even during the transportation phase of the move (think clean underwear and your toothbrush and toothpaste).

At this point, you’re thinking, “Oh yeah, the full-service move is for me.” Of course, everyone wants this one because it’s easy breezy. But there’s a catch. It’s super – and I mean super – expensive. It can cost thousands, depending on the size of your apartment and the distance of your move.

For example, a 1400 mile full-service move from Los Angeles to Austin for a 1000 sq. ft. 3 bedroom apartment would be about $4,500. Just think about all the interest $4,500 would accrue in your IRA (or what a cool vacation it could buy).

Unless you have a bank account the size of Texas or a physical ailment that prevents you from doing much of the work involved in moving, it’s hard to justify that steep of a cost.

Cost Level:  $$$

Too much (unless you’re Beyonce).

Pros: You barely have to lift a finger.

Cons: You’ll go broke (unless, of course, you really are Beyonce, in which case you’d have someone reading this for you anyway).

3. The Hybrid Move

As with everything else, the Millennial generation, those born after 1980, invented this frugal and less physically taxing system of moving. Of course, they gave it a cool name to boot; enter the hybrid move. The aim here is to hack a full service move without paying the hefty price tag that comes with it.

Usually, people decide they are going to move and round up loved ones willing to help them schlep their stuff from one place to the other. You still do that, but you don’t need as many because you also get professionals to do the heavy lifting, such as loading your boxes and furniture onto a rental truck or portable storage container. If you go with a storage container or a freight truck, you don’t even have to do the driving.

Depending on how many hours you need the labor on either leg of your trip, you might spend a few hundred to a couple thousand dollars. Either way, you’re spending far less money than you would for a full-service move. That same 1400 mile move from Los Angeles to Austin for a 1000 sq. ft. 3 bedroom apartment would only be $1,500 with a hybrid move.

Plus, you’re spending far less time than you would for a DIY move, which you could put towards more important things like browsing Pinterest for ideas for your new place. Also, your to-do list becomes more manageable.

Priority number one is to look for reputable companies that vet the movers for you and make sure they work for licensed, established moving businesses and have good reviews from former clients. After all, you shouldn’t trust your worldly possessions to just anyone.

Of course, you also have to research and select a mode of transportation based on reputation, cost, and whether or not you are willing to drive one of those big boys. Finally, most people pack themselves, but you could have the movers help you with that, too, if you’d like.  

Cost Level: $$

While this costs more than the DIY move because you’ll have to pay for both mode of transportation and the professional movers loading and unloading at your pick-up address and final destination, you’ll also be saving yourself from hard labor and unnecessary headaches.

Cons: You have to do your homework to find the right prices from legit vendors, so you don’t get ripped off. And you have to become the great organizer and delegator.

Pros: If Millennial Goldilocks were testing out these three types of moving, she would deem this one just right. You get to do less work at a fraction of the cost of a full-service move. Both your cousin Frank and your back will thank you.

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Friday, 21 April 2017 15:34

Moving with a Pet

Moving is stressful on your own, but adding in a Fido or Felix can make it that much more difficult! Use these tips to make it as smooth as possible.

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Happy Renting!

1. Update Their Tags and Chips

Before you even pick up the first box, you should make sure your pets’ collar tags are updated with your current cell number. Why? There are plenty of times during the move when your little guys may be able to make an escape – and if they’re scared, as they may be if you’re moving large items around or making a lot of noise, they’re a lot more likely to.

Updated tags will ensure that if they run off, someone will know who to call. You should also consider microchipping – if you adopted your animals from a shelter, they likely already have these chips, but if not, microchips are another good security measure. Any vet and many other pet professionals can scan a microchip to find the information about an animal’s owner.

2. Set Out a Carrier or Crate Beforehand

If you’re moving with cats or small dogs, they’ll need to be in a carrier or crate as you move them from one apartment to another. This can pose a problem if your pets don’t have any experience with these enclosures.

To ease their fear, set out carriers or crates well before the move to give Fido and Felix time to sniff them out and make sure they feel safe and secure. You can even fill them with favored toys, a treat or two, and one of your T-shirts (your animals will find comfort in your scent).

3. Make a Transport Plan

Movers aren’t going to be able to transport your pets, so you need another way to get them to the new place. If you don’t have a car, you may want to see if you can borrow one from a friend. If not, you’ll likely need to bring them in a taxi.

Either way, your pets may develop some motion sickness. See if your vet can prescribe you any meds to give them just in case, and try not to feed them too much on the morning of the move.

4. Or, Consider Other Moving-Day Options

Alternatively, you may want to make other plans for Fido and Felix so they aren’t a part of the craziness of moving day at all. See if they can stay with a friend or neighbor from the night before the move until all of your boxes and furniture have been relocated into the new place.

This is a great idea for a number of reasons. For one thing, it’s a less stressful option for the animals. And for another, there’s a much smaller likelihood of one of them escaping as your movers are carrying your couch out the front door. Removing them from the picture completely can keep everyone more sane.

5. Pack a Pet Box

Just as you need to keep some of your own important belongings on hand – medications, essential toiletries, your coffee maker, etc. – you should make sure you have some important pet stuff in an easily accessible box.

Keep at least a couple of days’ worth of food in there, as well as toys, beds, extra kitty litter, and anything else your pets will need right away when you make it to the new place.

6. Keep Everyone Confined

If your pets are staying with you on moving day, make sure to keep them confined to a single room, both in the old apartment and the new one. Mark it with a sign so that your movers (or the friends helping you move) don’t open the door.

If your pets aren’t confined, they could easily escape or get underfoot, which won’t be safe for anyone involved.

This room will become your pets’ haven in the new apartment – fill it with food, water, and anything else they love, and introduce them to the rest of the apartment slowly over the next couple of days.

7. Stick to a Routine

Finally, as much as possible, it’s important to stick to your pets’ typical day-to-day routine. Of course, moving day is hectic, so this may not be possible. But if you can keep daily feedings and walks on a schedule your pets are already accustomed to, it will make the whole transition a great deal easier for them.

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Free and Fun Things to Do in NC

Having fun in NC doesn't have to be expensive!

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1. Spend a day at the park. 2. Explore Main Street. 3. Take a hike. 4. While you're on your hike, find some amazing waterfalls. 5. Visit UNCC Botanical Gardens. 6. Listen to the waves crash. 7. Gallery hop. 8. Catch some live music. 9. Count stars in the sky. 10. Take a trip to Christmas Town USA.
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Wednesday, 19 April 2017 20:25

How to Organize All Your Cords

Quick and easy way to organize your power strip cords :) Full article at:


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Wednesday, 12 April 2017 16:30


You know when you have everything labeled and easy to find, you just feel more put together? Well check out this awesome blog post, because The Budget Decorator has created free printables for all of your kitchen goods! View the full article at:

Check out all of our available properties at!  If you are a Property Owner looking for a Property Management company in the Triad, please contact us today at (336)272-0767 or visit our website to find out more details, .

Happy Renting!

From the ‘World Label’ blog, these DIY pantry labels are colorful and fun, yet still have that vintage vibe… Seriously, Good Will is getting a visit from me to find glass jars and containers to store everything pretty now!





Want blank labels, so you can organize any way you want? ‘Style at Home‘ has elegant printable labels in different colors with plenty of space to fill in… How about using a gold Sharpie to fancy it up?



This one I really love… these dictionary definition labels from Kristine at ‘The Painted Hive’ are awesome and this effect is worth a little more effort! All you need is decal paper for your printer, and her step by step…


Canister Collage
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