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Friday, 30 June 2017 18:01

Cover Your Bare Walls

No more boring white walls! Time to jazz them up with artwork.



1. Minted

You might know Minted for its customizable party and wedding invitations, but the stationer also boasts an impressive selection of gorgeous wall art. From nature-inspired pieces to amazing abstract prints, the options are as limitless as your imagination. Save yourself a trip by including a wooden or metal frame in your purchase.

2. Society6

Society6 poster

The ocean, the sea, the wave by Society6 artist Picomodi

Put your passions on full display with a little help from this online shop. Prints feature adorable animal photos, out-of-this-world space scenes, inspirational quotes and charming illustrations that will brighten up even the dreariest day. If you’re looking for a large-scale piece but don’t want to spend half of your budget on a frame, opt for an unframed canvas instead of a print.

3. 20x200

Apartment-dwellers with a taste for the bold will fall in love with 20x200, offering unique pieces from a range of up-and-coming artists based in the U.S. and abroad.

4. Benson Walls

Benson Walls, a preferred Greystar partner, offers an array of murals, decals and canvases that allow renters to customize their space without damaging the walls of their apartment and violating lease terms. Dimensions and design options are completely flexible, and you can even use your own photos to create a truly personalized piece. Ready to order? Just visit the online shop – there’s no need to even check with your community manager beforehand!

5. Vintage NASA Posters

vintage nasa art

The Grand Tour, part of NASA’s Visions of the Future series

Futuristic imagery meets retro aesthetics in this spectacular series, developed by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA. The full-size poster images are available for download at absolutely no cost to you! All you have to do is save the images you like to a flash drive and head to your local print shop for the hard copy. FedEx offers poster printing starting at just $7.25 per square foot.


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Wednesday, 28 June 2017 16:18

Questions to Ask During an Apartment Tour

Never be afraid to ask lots of questions! Use this list as a guide. Article at:



Lease Logistics:

  • How long is the lease?
  • Will I need someone to co-sign my lease?
  • When is rent due?
  • What options are available to pay my rent?
  • What are the consequences if I have to terminate the lease?
  • How much notice am I required to give the property if I do not intend on renewing my lease? 
  • What is the guest policy?
  • Am I allowed to sub-lease and/or short-term rent (Airbnb, VRBO, etc.) to a third party? If so, what are the requirements?


  • How much is rent?
  • What is included in the rent? What is not included, but required? (Utilities, electricity and trash are often separate fees depending on the property.)
  • Is a security deposit required? If so, how much?
  • Will I need general liability coverage and/or renter’s insurance? If so, is there a minimum coverage required?


  • What pets, if any, are allowed?
  • Is there an age or weight restriction?
  • Are there any specific breeds not allowed?
  • Is there a monthly pet fee?
  • How much is the pet deposit?
  • Are there restrictions on where pets are allowed on community grounds?
  • Where is the nearest relief area for my pet?

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Monday, 26 June 2017 15:15

Small Kitchen Appliances

Useful appliances for your small space!


Slow Cookers

This is easily one of the best small kitchen appliances for your apartment for a number of reasons. Mastering the art of slow cooking not only makes for delicious meals in ample quantities for leftovers, but it is also one of the easiest ways to cook for our busy lifestyles. While some slow cooker recipes call for adding ingredients throughout the cooking process, there are an equal number that are one-pot meals. Simply dump everything in, turn the slow cooker on, and in 6-8 hours you will have a mouth-watering meal. Slow cookers come in all sizes, so regardless if you’re cooking for yourself or your whole family, you can still enjoy the convenience of a slow cooker.


Investing in a high quality blender can do much more than smoothies and frozen drinks. Blenders are a useful tool for home cooks. Depending on the settings available on your appliance, you can do everything from dice vegetables to puree ingredients into a soup. Some blenders even have enough RPMs in their motors to heat up liquids. Your mileage may vary, but a good blender can be an invaluable tool for speeding up the cooking process. Even better, most blenders can even clean themselves. Simply rinse out the container, add warm water and a little dish soap, and put the blender on high for a few seconds.

Rice Cooker

At first glance, a rice cooker might seem a little too niche to be worth taking up space in your kitchen. However, ask anyone who owns a rice cooker and they will tell you the benefits of getting no fuss, perfectly cooked rice again and again. Many rice cookers also come with additional features, like the ability to steam vegetables or even to double as a pressure cooker. While cooking rice might seem easy enough, having a rice cooker makes the entire process automatic. Just don’t forget to rinse your rice to get rid of the extra starch!

Electric Kettle

While your Greystar apartment kitchen has a stove that you could easily set a kettle on, there is something to be said about the convenience and speed of a good electric kettle. Depending on the kind you get, an electric kettle can heat up water much faster than a traditional stovetop, allowing you to steep tea or brew coffee quicker, and as we all know, the sooner we get our morning coffee or tea, the sooner we can truly start our day!

Julienne Slicer

Make no mistake: a julienne slicer is no replacement for a good, well-maintained chef’s knife; however, there are many jobs that can be sped up thanks to these handy devices. They work simply enough and don’t require any electricity. Simply slide whatever you are slicing over the blade and out comes evenly cut pieces. Most julienne slicers also come with a safety guard, allowing you to work with the blade without risking your fingers. If you’re tired of slicing onions or interested in freshly grated parmesan cheese, a julienne slicer might be just what you need.

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Thursday, 22 June 2017 15:10

How to Pack

Moving and pack are hard! Use these tips to work smarter, not harder!


      1. Pack an overnight bag

        First things first: packing an overnight bag now will save you stress later. Pack enough clothes for at least a day, essential bathroom products, and any additional equipment you use in the morning such as a hairdryer or straightener. Packing a bag now will allow you to relax when you get to your new home instead of frantically unpacking boxes looking for what you need. An overnight bag is also a great place to put valuables like laptops that you do not want to put into a moving box.

      2. Don’t just use cardboard boxes

        Is there anything more ubiquitous than a standard cardboard box when it comes to moving? While cardboard boxes are definitely useful, you should consider packing using other kinds of containers. A clear, heavy-duty plastic box can be a perfect means of transporting important items. A good tip is to pack the things that you are going to need first at your new place in a clear plastic box so you can easily find them.

      3. Pack rooms in like-boxes and keep them together

        Unpacking can be a long process, but if you pack smart, you can save time later. When you are packing up your current place, you should mark the boxes and try to keep items that belong together in the same box. By grouping rooms together throughout the process, you can quickly set up your new place. Additional tip: group the boxes and furniture together on the moving truck so you know exactly where boxes go.

      4. Special tips for toiletries

        Toiletries and make-up are usually small enough to make moving them simple, yet ask anyone who has moved and they will probably tell you that either something spilled or something else got ruined. Two really good ideas for when you’re moving toiletries and cosmetics: first, put saran wrap over the openings of liquids like shampoo or body wash, then put the cap back on. The saran wrap ensures that the liquid stays inside the bottle even if the cap opens. Second tip: put cotton balls or pads in powder cosmetics to make sure that the powder doesn’t break.

      5. Always have everything packed before you invite help over to move
      6. Whether asking your friends, family, or a professional moving service, you should always have your current place packed up before they arrive. The exception to that rule is if the movers have already agreed to help you pack. By having everything packed and ready to be moved, you will maximize their time.

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Wednesday, 21 June 2017 14:39

Getting to Know your Neighbors

Congrats on moving! Now here is how to make friends in an unfamiliar city. Full article at:


Here are a few more tips on how to get to know your neighbor:

  1. Be Friendly

    Never underestimate the power of simply saying hello to your neighbors. When you pass each other on the way to your apartment, in the parking lot, or if you spot them in your local community, saying hello can be the icebreaker you need to open up a conversation and slowly get to know the people in your area a little bit more.

  2. Find Common Interests

    Once you begin talking, mention the things that you like while listening for clues as to what the other person is interested in. Talk about a local sports team, your favorite restaurant in the area, your favorite bands, or other topics.

  3. Use Other Online Resources

    There are a number of websites and apps specifically designed to help you meet people in your local area. If you decide to use an online service, always be safe and careful with your privacy.

  4. Use Common Areas

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Tuesday, 20 June 2017 13:53

Coffee Table Decorating

Are you at a lose for what to put on your coffee table? Try these ideas!


Decorative Tray Tables/Miscellaneous Storage

Tray tables are a versatile centerpiece where you can neatly store a number of different items that typically grace the coffee table (mail, remote controls, keys, etc.) They’re also a great place to put other decorative items on display (many of which we will go over below). In addition, tray tables are made in a slew of different shapes and styles so it’s easy to find one that is unique and fits your decorating motif. Other miscellaneous storage pieces also help keep things neat and compact while also looking aesthecitically pleasing.

What it says about you: You're neat and organized.





Games are an inviting coffee table item that lets people know you’re open to having a bit of fun. It can also be a good ice-breaker for guests you may find yourself entertaining that you may not be all too comfortable with (think a potential date if you’re single, if you’re not maybe your significant other’s family). We suggest games like dominos, a deck of cards, chess, mancala, Chinese checkers, even Uno! You can get pretty creative with what kinds of games you choose to include on your coffee table. Something to think about… some games may complement your other decor pieces better than others. If your coffee table has underneath storage, this would be an ideal storing location.

What it says about you: You like to have fun!




Shared Powerbank

(image - wwjoshdew Vlog)

It's 2015, nearly 2016, and in our opinion, a shared powerbank is a must. This is a convenient tech accessory that you, roommates, and guests can take advantage of in the living area. Instead of having to get up and find an open outlet, you and others can have a charging station right on the coffee table and have your phone within reach as you’re watching TV, entertaining, or enjoying each other’s company in the living room. This adds a little bit of functionality to your coffee table

What it says about you: You're up to date and somewhat technologically savvy




Decorative Jars and Bowls

Various jars and bowls (glass, ceramic, or otherwise) are a great addition to your coffee table. You can leave your jars/bowls empty or accessorize however you see fit. It may be a little cliche at this point but we like the idea of an old fashioned glass mason jar and filling it with used wine corks or bottle caps, depending on your adult beverage of choice.

What it says about you: You like to enjoy a nice drink, but still keep it classy




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Monday, 05 June 2017 13:50

House Warming Gifts

Do you have a friend or family member moving? These are great gift ideas to welcome them into their new space!


Tech-centric Gifts

There are a ton of cheap tech gift options these days at places like Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. For example, universal remotes, electrical outlets/surge protectors with built in USB ports, power banks for charging multiple devices, and bluetooth speakers for playing music are just a few ideas that could be a useful first apartment gift. If you really want to step up your gift-giving game, a trip to Brookstone or The Sharper Image would have tons of cool gadgets any first time renter would enjoy.

Picture Frames

Get the decor started with a nice picture frame or two. Our vote is to pick a versatilely sized 5x7 or 4x6 frame so the giftee can have ample placement options for their new frame. You don’t want to gift a giant frame that limits where it can be placed. Remember, space is key in apartment living. Our recommendation; include an actual photo of a great mutual memory to add a little bit of sentimentality to your gift. It's a simple gift the new renter can truly appreciate.

DIY Options

From beer bottle cap magnets to wine bottle lamps, there are a slew of DIY decorative pieces that could be a fun craft for you while also being a thoughtful gift that lets the giftee know you definitely put some effort into their new gift. You can snag a few ideas with a quick Pinterest search on “diy apartment decor.”

House Plants

Liven up the living area with some decorative house plants. Sure, your gift may not last a long time depending on the green (or black) thumb of the new renter but it will definitely pump a bit of fresh oxygen in the air for the time being. Plants come in all kinds of shapes and sizes but it can be a pretty fun challenge to find a plant that captures the new renter’s personality. Here’s a tip, the following are house plants that actually clean indoor air; Aloe Vera, Areca Palm, Bamboo Palm, Boston Fern, Gerbera Daisy, and Chinese Evergreen.



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Happy Renting!



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Friday, 16 June 2017 13:46

Moving from a House to an Apartment

Are you currently in a house but moving to an apartment? It can seem daunting moving all of your items into a smaller space, but it is doable! Check out this article to learn more.


Start The Process As Soon As Possible

We realize sometimes life doesn't allow for things to be perfectly planned or done with ample time to spare. However, if you do happen to have the time, use it wisely! Get the process going as soon as possible. These things ALWAYS take more time than you expect.

Take Inventory Of The Things You Need And The Things You Don't

Obviously, even if you're moving from a smaller house to an apartment, not everything is coming with you. Start by taking inventory of the things that are DEFINITELY coming with you and the ones that are not.

Figure Out What To Do With Items NOT Coming With You

Garage sale? Rummage sale? Craigslist? Donating to Goodwill? Giving away to friends and family? Self-storage? Trashing it all? Have a plan for the things not coming with you after taking inventory. We're guessing you'll still have a pretty big pile of things you're unsure of keeping or letting go. You'll need to decide what to do so...

Learn To Let Go

Naturally, there will be a big pile of things you'll be on the fence about. There will be things you'll want to hang onto... probably more than you expect or are willing to admit. At some point, you'll have to let go of some things. Moving to a new place can be a clean slate. You don't want to begin by cluttering up your new living space with unessential items. TIP: If you still need help, bring in a neutral third party to help you purge and stave off the urge to hoard.

Ensure Everything Coming With You Will Fit

Measure all the furniture you plan on taking with you as well as the new space in your apartment. This seems obvious but it's a rookie mistake that happens frequently. For example, maybe your old master bedroom fit every piece in it neatly but your new apartment bedroom doesn't have room for both nightstands or the media chest.

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Wednesday, 14 June 2017 13:22


Have you ever of the Danish concept of Hygge? Grab some coffee and a comfy blanket and read the following article! To view the original article, please visit:


What is it? By all accounts, it’s a non-specific, catchall phrase for all things cozy. It encompasses a feeling of contentment through the simple things in life, like curling up under a blanket with a book on a rainy day or drinking hot cocoa in front of a fireplace when it’s snowing outside. It’s a key part of Danish culture, much like how freedom is part of the national DNA to Americans. Winters in Denmark are long and harsh, with up to 17 hours of darkness per day, so residents put a strong focus on making the home as comfortable and inviting as possible. Hygge can describe an experience, a meal or even home decor.

How do you pronounce it? It’s most commonly pronounced as “hoo-gah.” It’s derived from the Norwegian term for “well-being” and can be used as both a noun, adjective and verb.

Why is it trending now? It’s been part of the Danish culture since the early 1800s, when the word first appeared in the written language. In 2016 it caught on as a lifestyle trend in the United Kingdom after several books were written on it, and now it’s the Americans’ turn to obsess over the concept. Activity on Pinterest about hygge increased more than 280 percent in 2016, and more than 1.5 million posts on Instagram use the #hygge hashtag.

What can the term be applied to? Practically anything. For example, the Danish term “hyggebukser” refers to a comfortable pair of pants you’d never wear in public, but wear constantly around the house in the evenings and on weekends. Candles and fireplaces are key elements to hygge, as well as anything knitted (socks, throw blankets, oversized sweaters), Togetherness is also a key element. An example of a hygge scenario would be a group of friends playing board games with blankets over their knees, drinking mulled wine, and eating comfort food in front of a fire while snow falls outside.

Is it just a wintertime thing? Not at all! While that’s the most obvious time to practice hygge (the Christmas season in particular), you can do hygge things all year round, even during summer. Some examples include eating a dish of homemade ice cream in the shade of a tree, taking a nap in a hammock, curling up on a daybed or couch with a glass of lemonade while the air conditioning blasts, and eating a meal with your loved ones outdoors with ingredients grown in a home garden.

How can I get in on it? Appreciate the simple stuff in life and be mindful of the moments that make you happy. Take pleasure in gentle, soothing things and the company of friends and family. Turn off your cell phone, be present, treat yourself to something you enjoy and share it with others, be grateful for everything you have, be humble and don’t engage in drama, get comfortable and create a safe, cozy haven.


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Tuesday, 13 June 2017 21:22

How to Have a Green Thumb

Have you tried to have plants in your apartment and they die every time? Use these tips to keep them alive! Article at:


7 things you need to know to keep indoor plants alive

Indoor Plant Care

Houseplants are a great way to liven up any living space. Studies show they can purify the air as well, making them helpful inhabitants of your home. But what if you’re not much of a green thumb? If you’re new to taking care of plants, the good news is that it doesn’t take a degree in botany to get them to thrive in your environment. There are seven main things to keep in mind when taking care of indoor plants, and we’ve compiled them below.

  1. Understand your plant’s needs. Every houseplant comes with its own set of instructions. These can be found on the little tab in the soil in the pot you bought it in. Read this, as well as any other advice you might find on the internet about your plant, before doing anything else (even actually buying it). If you feel you can take care of the plant the way it needs to be, should you bring it home.
  1. Know when and how to water. Every plant is unique, which means each one has its own set of watering guidelines. Start by following the instructions on the tab, then adjust according to your plant’s appearance. It helps to know the signs of under- and overwatering. If you’ve under-watered, the soil will appear dry and crumbly. If you’ve watered too much, the soil will still be wet, even after a few days. Strike a balance to make sure your plant is getting just the right amount.
  1. Be careful about location. Some plants need more sunlight than others. It’s a balancing act — too much sun can burn it, while too little can make it look wilted. Pay attention to how much sun it gets every day, and adjust as needed. As always, the instructions are a good baseline to start with.
  1. Keep an eye on appearance. Besides checking the soil, it is important to make sure your plant looks healthy. If the leaves begin to look dry, it may be time to move the plant out of any direct sunlight. If the plant isn’t growing, or looks like it’s trying to grow towards where the sun shines, you need to move it into the sun. Any brown or yellow spots are a concern and may require that you increase the humidity of their environment.
  1. Repot when necessary. You can repot at any time during a plant’s cycle, but there are four signs that your plant truly needs it. When new leaves grow slowly and are smaller than older leaves, when the soil dries out more quickly than it used to, or when the roots are either overgrown or tightly wound, you know it is time. Move your plant to a new pot just before the plant’s growth period to ensure its health.
  1. Watch out for temperature changes. Keep your plants in a space with a moderate, consistent temperature. That, in part, means keeping them away from any heating vents or air conditioners.
  1. Feed them the good stuff. Remember that plants need food, too. Fertilize your plants when repotting, or when they seem to stop growing. Always remember to give them just enough, because too much fertilization can harm growth.

Check out all of our available properties at!  If you are a Property Owner looking for a Property Management company in the Triad, please contact us today at (336)272-0767 or visit our website to find out more details, .

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