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Questions to Ask During an Apartment Tour

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Never be afraid to ask lots of questions! Use this list as a guide. Article at:



Lease Logistics:

  • How long is the lease?
  • Will I need someone to co-sign my lease?
  • When is rent due?
  • What options are available to pay my rent?
  • What are the consequences if I have to terminate the lease?
  • How much notice am I required to give the property if I do not intend on renewing my lease? 
  • What is the guest policy?
  • Am I allowed to sub-lease and/or short-term rent (Airbnb, VRBO, etc.) to a third party? If so, what are the requirements?


  • How much is rent?
  • What is included in the rent? What is not included, but required? (Utilities, electricity and trash are often separate fees depending on the property.)
  • Is a security deposit required? If so, how much?
  • Will I need general liability coverage and/or renter’s insurance? If so, is there a minimum coverage required?


  • What pets, if any, are allowed?
  • Is there an age or weight restriction?
  • Are there any specific breeds not allowed?
  • Is there a monthly pet fee?
  • How much is the pet deposit?
  • Are there restrictions on where pets are allowed on community grounds?
  • Where is the nearest relief area for my pet?

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Happy Renting!

Small Kitchen Appliances

Monday, 26 June 2017

Useful appliances for your small space!


Slow Cookers

This is easily one of the best small kitchen appliances for your apartment for a number of reasons. Mastering the art of slow cooking not only makes for delicious meals in ample quantities for leftovers, but it is also one of the easiest ways to cook for our busy lifestyles. While some slow cooker recipes call for adding ingredients throughout the cooking process, there are an equal number that are one-pot meals. Simply dump everything in, turn the slow cooker on, and in 6-8 hours you will have a mouth-watering meal. Slow cookers come in all sizes, so regardless if you’re cooking for yourself or your whole family, you can still enjoy the convenience of a slow cooker.


Investing in a high quality blender can do much more than smoothies and frozen drinks. Blenders are a useful tool for home cooks. Depending on the settings available on your appliance, you can do everything from dice vegetables to puree ingredients into a soup. Some blenders even have enough RPMs in their motors to heat up liquids. Your mileage may vary, but a good blender can be an invaluable tool for speeding up the cooking process. Even better, most blenders can even clean themselves. Simply rinse out the container, add warm water and a little dish soap, and put the blender on high for a few seconds.

Rice Cooker

At first glance, a rice cooker might seem a little too niche to be worth taking up space in your kitchen. However, ask anyone who owns a rice cooker and they will tell you the benefits of getting no fuss, perfectly cooked rice again and again. Many rice cookers also come with additional features, like the ability to steam vegetables or even to double as a pressure cooker. While cooking rice might seem easy enough, having a rice cooker makes the entire process automatic. Just don’t forget to rinse your rice to get rid of the extra starch!

Electric Kettle

While your Greystar apartment kitchen has a stove that you could easily set a kettle on, there is something to be said about the convenience and speed of a good electric kettle. Depending on the kind you get, an electric kettle can heat up water much faster than a traditional stovetop, allowing you to steep tea or brew coffee quicker, and as we all know, the sooner we get our morning coffee or tea, the sooner we can truly start our day!

Julienne Slicer

Make no mistake: a julienne slicer is no replacement for a good, well-maintained chef’s knife; however, there are many jobs that can be sped up thanks to these handy devices. They work simply enough and don’t require any electricity. Simply slide whatever you are slicing over the blade and out comes evenly cut pieces. Most julienne slicers also come with a safety guard, allowing you to work with the blade without risking your fingers. If you’re tired of slicing onions or interested in freshly grated parmesan cheese, a julienne slicer might be just what you need.

Check out all of our available properties at!  If you are a Property Owner looking for a Property Management company in the Triad, please contact us today at (336)272-0767 or visit our website to find out more details, .

Happy Renting!