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Reduce Summer Energy Costs

Thursday, 20 July 2017

With these hot temperatures outsides, you have to work harder to make sure your utility bills don't rise with the thermostat! Use these tips to help cut down on high summer bills. Full article at:


  1. Hang blackout liners behind curtains.

Windows are responsible for approximately 25 percent of heat gain during the sweltering summer months, as well as heat loss during colder months. Hang blackout liners or shades behind curtains and close them during daylight hours when you aren’t using the room to keep the heat and light from the sun out. This green living strategy is especially beneficial if you have south- or west-facing windows. Your apartment will stay cooler without running the air conditioner as much.

  1. Program your thermostat.

Show your thermostat the same love you show your DVR by programming it according to your daily schedule. Most models allow you to input different settings for weekdays and weekends, as well as up to 6 different temperatures throughout the day. Experts recommend that you set the AC to 77-78°F while you are home, and increase the temperature about 20 minutes prior to your departure time each day. For every degree over 78°F it is set, you can save as much as 6-8 percent on your energy bill. Decrease the temperature 20 minutes prior to your return time, and don’t override the setting even if you feel like you’re melting from being outside for an extended period. Instead, cool your body off by drinking an ice-cold glass of water and/or putting an ice pack on your neck for a few minutes.

  1. Wash laundry in cold water and let it air dry.

The energy that your water heater uses accounts for approximately 14 percent of your total power bill. Using cold water in combination with an environmentally-friendly detergent gets clothes just as clean as hot water, while preserving fabric color and conserving energy. Increase your utility bill savings by using a drying rack on your deck or patio during warmer months instead of throwing them in your dryer.



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What You're Not Cleaning

Monday, 17 July 2017

I know I know, you don't want to be cleaning more. But these are some areas that need some TLC once in a while!


1.Air vents

Living in a rental apartment, you may not be responsible for changing your air filters. You should, however, wipe the vents clean with a dust rag from time to time. This prevents dust from dispersing throughout your apartment whenever your heating or cooling unit turns on. It should also help you breathe easier.

2. Baseboards

Sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping floors is an integral part of any apartment cleaning routine. Baseboards, door frames, and other molding in your home should be as well. Clean residue from spills and splashes using a Magic Eraser, vinegar, and warm water.

3.Ceiling fans

Dust loves to accumulate on the top side of ceiling fans, where it is easy to ignore. Use a microfiber cloth, dust rag, or old pillowcase to clean the blades of your fans. This is best accomplished when you haven’t used your fan in a while.


Depending on the material and color of your curtains, dust can accumulate on them for months without your knowing. Some curtains can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Others need to be dry-cleaned. Care is material-specific, so do some research before cleaning.

5.Inside the couch

Keep your furniture clean by vacuuming both the furniture and the floor beneath it. For a thorough cleaning, be sure to remove or pull back cushions. Collect loose change and other random items most likely originating from your pockets, and then vacuum crumbs and debris.

6.Behind toilet

When is the last time you cleaned behind or underneath your toilet? If it’s been a while, use a cobweb catcher or Swiffer-style sweeper to rid these areas of dust and debris the next time you clean the top and inside of your toilet.

7.Washing machine

Washing machines are designed to help you with cleaning, so it’s understandable to forget you should clean them on occasion yourself. If your washing machine smells or the clothes you’ve washed smell funky after a completed cycle, it’s time to clean the machine. A dash of baking soda and some vinegar is typically all it takes to return a washing machine to its clean and odorless state.


Check out all of our available properties at!  If you are a Property Owner looking for a Property Management company in the Triad, please contact us today at (336)272-0767 or visit our website to find out more details, .

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