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What Floor Should you Live On?

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

With property management you don't always get to pick what floor is available for move-in. But if you do have an option these are some things to consider!

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Living on the Top Floor

Top floor apartments rarely have to deal with noise from foot traffic both inside and outside of the building, including visits from unwanted pests and critters. The added height is a great source of natural sunlight. The panoramic views from the top floor also are nothing to complain about; however, these pluses don’t come without their minuses.

For example, the abundant sunlight drenching your apartment coupled with the “heat rises” concept is sure to minimize heating costs in the winter. However, that same combination might drive up your A/C bill in the summer. Additionally, there’s the added element of the actual move in and move out, which results lots of trips up and down the stairs.

Also, the benefit of having a top floor apartment means you don’t have to contend with noisy overhead neighbors, though, you do have to weather the risks of any exterior roof damage directly affecting your apartment.

Living on the Bottom Floor

A bottom floor apartment, too, boasts some enticing amenities. The first floor is ideal for bringing in heavy loads, such as your move-in or that big trip to the grocery store. Additionaly, the bottom floor makes for less expensive AC bills in the summer as the cool air naturally reigns in lower locations.

And while street noise might be a con in first-floor apartments, you also get the benefit of not having to worry about bugging a neighbor below you. On the other hand, late night vacuuming or the high heel lover upstairs might get annoying for a first floor dweller. Additionally, susceptibility to pests can often be a turn off.

Living in the Middle

The top and bottom floors are both great options depending on what you are looking for in an apartment rental, but when it comes to heating and cooling, and worrying about the trek to and from the apartment, each showcases opposing extremes. As a result, the middle floor is, in a sense, just right.



How to Decorate Like a Designer

Monday, 17 April 2017

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1. Use Statement Furniture PIECES


Oversized Comfy Chair: Incorporating key statement pieces will vary by each person’s taste. This can be a favorite oversized chair like shown above or even an eclectic coffee table you picked up at your favorite thrift store. The right furniture pieces are more important than having an abundance of furniture. (via Something Navy)


2. Your Organization Should Be Beautiful + Functional


Organized Bookshelf: Make sure you rid your home of all its clutter. If you don’t love it, donate or toss it. This doesn’t mean your shelves can’t have substance. This inspo above shows us just what it means to use the most of your shelf space. (via Bliss at Home)


3. Use An Updated Color Palette


Colorful Artwork: Use updated color palettes with your home accents and furniture pieces. An excellent way to do this is by adding artwork to your walls and updating your throw blankets. (via Cuckoo 4 Design)

4. Bring The Outside Indoors


Serving Up Greens: Bring the outside in by adding plants around your home. Use fresh herbs in the kitchen, add a potted plant to finish your living room and put succulents on an outdoor patio table. (via Glitter Guide)

5. Add Your Own Personalized Touch


Personalized Favorites: Make sure your home is uniquely curated for you and not just something you saw styled on Pinterest (or even in this post). You want your decor to be a personalized taste of your decor preference. So put your favorite books on display, buy that Kate Spade box you’ve been eyeing and try your hand with fun new DIYs. (via Lemon Stripes)


Check out all of our available properties at!  If you are a Property Owner looking for a Property Management company in the Triad, please contact us today at (336)272-0767 or visit our website to find out more details, .

Happy Renting!