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Employee Spotlight

Monday, 05 February 2018

Jeff Sims


Office Manager:

I am responsible for the staffing needs and facilities management at Rent-A-Home to provide effective and efficient service for our tenants and owners.  I also process maintenance work requests that are received from tenants and owners, assign to our approved list of vendors and communicate the status with the tenants and owners at any given time.

Favorite Food or Restaurant

Any great meal at a great price!

Dream Vacation or Favorite Get-A-Way Spot

I have always wanted to go to the Caribbean or go on a cruise!

Fun Fact

I was the Program Director of the "Triad Flight of Honor" that took local WWII veterans to see their memorial in Washington DC.  It was a significant and rewarding experience in my life.


How to Make Your Rental Space Your Own

Monday, 29 January 2018

1.      Use fun curtains and bedding

     In the cases where you are unable to paint the walls, or unable to hang things on the walls, sometimes you have to turn to fabric! You can use a colorful comforter with complimentary curtains and rugs bring out your style without upsetting your landlord. Some places in Greensboro I like to look at bedding are Bed, Bath and Beyond; At Home (where Garden Ridge used to be); and if I have extra money I shop at Anthropologie. I like the first two stores because they offer a lot of options and most are pretty budget friendly. Anthropoligie features really unique items that are made well.

2.      Hang pictures of family or artwork that is special to you

     If you are able to hang up art in your rental- go for it! With the use of command hooks, push-pins and old fashions nails there are a lot of options depending on what you have available. If you've move away from your friends and family, this is a great way to showcase them in your space. Also hanging art, either that you've created or purchased, can be a great conversation starter when you have company over.  It's also a great opportunity to showcase the things you are interested in.

3.      Use decorations that remind you of home or from your travels

     If you are not big on taking photos another way to go is to use things that remind you of your friends and family or of trips you've taken. Souvenirs from trips can be a great reminder of places you've visited. Or if you did move away from your home city or state you could have decorations that remind you of where you've lived. I have a cutting board in the shape of the state of NC and it's a special touch for my kitchen space.

4.      Don’t forget your front door!

     So you've put in all this effort to your inside space. The bedroom is just right, the kitchen is lovely- but wait don't forget the first thing people see- your front door! This is an excellent opportunity to add a little sunshine to your unit and it can make you happy every time you arrive home. Excellent options are having planters right by your front door or you could add a wreath to give some warmth to your front door and make it seem more homey.

5.      Make use of your outdoor space

     Another sometimes neglected space can be the outdoor space. Again this is a great opportunity to add some character and unique touches to your rental unit. Planting flowers or getting outdoor furniture can turn that area into more entertainment room and make your rental feel even bigger.