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Utility Companies

Monday, 15 January 2018


       Electricity:  Duke Power- 1-800- POWERON (1-800-769-3766)

       Gas: Piedmont Natural Gas- 1-800-752-7574

       Oil: Berico Fuels- (336) 273-8663


o       City of Greensboro

2602 S. Elm-Eugene St., Greensboro, NC


**You must go in person with proof of residence(ask for a copy of the front page of your lease **


o       City of High Point

(336) 883-3100


·Sewer: Republic Waste Services- Click on “request services” or call (336) 724-0842

Additional Resources


Greensboro News & Record – Click on “Subscribe”

High Point Enterprise – Click on “Subscribe”

·Cable Services:  Spectrum: 1-855-243-8892 or visit

·Renters Insurance:  Bob Young’s Office 336-288-8000

·Driver License Office:




5551 West Market Street

Greensboro, NC 27409

(336) 856-1510

High Point:


1677 Westchester Drive Suite 155

High Point, NC 27262

(336) 889-8247



Local Transportation

Monday, 08 January 2018

If you don't have a car getting around can be difficult. While Greensboro is small compared to other cities in North Carolina, it is still useful to have access to reliable sources of transportation. Thankfully Greensboro offers lots of options. For everyday travel there are busses that run all over town and we also have a train station if you are looking to leave Greensboro. We also have some unique options here in the Triad! These are great for when you need a ride to the airport or if you are planning on enjoying some adult beverages and need a safe ride home ,or if you want to try something different.

1.      12nGo

12nGO Flat Rate Car Services offers an alternative car service for people who want to know how much their ride will cost before they go. They have drivers who have passed criminal background checks available to take you where you need to go! They even offer long distance rides that cover from the mountains to the beach to even Virginia and South Carolina. Check them out at:



2.      Limebike

     This unique services offers people to pick up a bike and ride anytime! By using an app to unlock their bikes, you are able to jump on and jump off wherever is convenient for you. This is a great option if you are looking to exercise or explore downtown. To learn more about Limebike and to download and ride now visit

3.      Uber or Lyft

     Many people are familiar with the ride share service Uber. But did you know here in Greensboro we also have Lyft? With a similar set up to Uber, Lyft offers rides any time of day. A money saving idea is to check both apps when looking for a ride. Often times one app is cheaper than the other based on when their surge prices come into play.